How to combine colors of clothes

Hello beauty!
We often ask the typical of Does this combine with this? Well today I bring you some tricks for girls, to see how to combine the colors of the clothes and avoid those doubts.

Tricks to combine the colors of the clothes:

The black combines with almost everything, this color combines with everything and also makes us look like more thin, a basic color that can not be missing in any closet.

The white practically the same as Black blends with everything but is much better with dark colors to not give a feeling of pallor.
The brown color perfectly combining it with elbeige or white.
The blue combines very well with garnet, white, beige or gray.
The green color is the most difficult to combine, it is best to combine it with gray or different greens.
So when you go to buy clothes think well if you already have other clothes with which to combine it.

If you still do not know how to combine the colors of your clothes, do this trick that never fails.
Combines two neutral colors (white, black or gray), with a pure color (yellow, red, blue).

To combine the Clothing colors should also take into account that:

- If you are short, use straight pants from the waist to look taller. Or if you wear dresses and skirts avoid those that have a lot of flight.

- If you are wide-hipped or you miss some holster, do not wear tight clothing in this area or end up looking like a sausage. If you wear better black clothes in this area.

- If you are thin, use a pair of beaded jerseys and loose dresses to mark your figure.

Following these tricks for girls , you'll get the most out of them.
What do you think of these tricks for combining the colors of the clothes ?