Why do not people wear panties?

Hello girls!
The question in this post is hard to answer ... unless you're famous. Can you imagine someone normal down the street without underwear ? I certainly can not imagine it can also because I do not want to imagine ... it's leaving my house what I see most is older people so it's better that that image does not come to my mind.

Why do not people wear panties?

Normal people usually do it out of morbidity. Or say it more normal sometimes you can say I do not wear panties down the street , but to not mark the clothes. For example in the case of wearing a white dress or a very tight garment, it may be the case that not wearing underwear is the most successful.
But normally this normal people do not usually do much.

But of course if you're famous, everything is allowed or not ... Many just try to get attention and if not tell Paris Hilton ... I can not imagine someone normal making a similar photo without panties ...

But not only Paris Hilton is now fashion is " go in plancomando " What comes to say go without underwear or go without panties, I do not know why they always give you so many laps to put other names to the new fashions.
Here you can also see the actor Hamm (if you want to save yourself a dislike, do not look at the next photo) without underwear on the street .

And another few celebrities without underwear , although these seem to do it in a more concealed way.

Peroojito that this fashion has some risks since it is easier to catch bacteria down there, And you follow this fashion? Jajaj is worth this time not you ask why if you follow her, you will not tell me either.

What do you think about people going without underwear on the street ?