Interview with Lauraherder

Hello girls!

Today we have the interview to Lauraherder for me one of the best Spanish bloggers, has that "I do not dry" that hooks you all your post and you can not miss any of them.
How did you decide which theme was going to be your blog?
I've never really considered the subject. In my blog we talk about almost everything, even current issues. I do not close. That is why my blog is called Lauralicious, because it is a window to my concerns and hobbies.
What has been your background race? What do you think is the success of your blog? I do not think my blog is a successful blog, but I can not complain. Above all I have noticed it because of the interest of the communication agencies, but it is something that does not bother me at all. I still keep the followers that followed me in my beginnings on YouTube, that's for me the real success.
How much time do you spend a week?
I dedicate 2-3 hours a day, including taking pictures, editing and replying to emails. Sometimes I have the help of an agent who is responsible for responding to sponsors and agencies. It is impossible to reach everything!
What does the blog give you on a personal level? And at a professional level?
On a personal level, it has given me a lot of satisfaction. The affection that the public gives you is an impressive adrenaline rush. It also has its negative side, at first I did not understand how I could arouse the hatred of people who do not even know me. Now I only keep the good.
On a professional level, I have changed my life completely. From secretary of management in a law firm, to styling consultant. I found the profession that really satisfies me.
What is the most read post of your Blog?
The most read blog post, is the post dedicated to Inneov Diet. A diet that I tried to follow long ago, but I totally failed haha ​​
Why do you think it's the most read?
I guess the issue of weight is something that worries our society. It seems good to me, if we are not comfortable with our body and we have the option to improve, we can do it. With common sense, of course.
What do you think about the controversy of Paula Echevarría?
I published a post about the controversy, astonishingly the most read of the month. And the next day she was already blocked from her RRSS. In the post I did not doubt at any time if Paula copied or not, because for me, it is the least. Moreover, I clarify that it is difficult not to coincide when we all buy in the same stores. Of course, his attitude was out of place. I think that the true personality of Paula was uncovered, something that was in the mouths of many and had never been demonstrated. Also, writing a blog for ELLE daily, I am amazed that she does not qualify as a blogger, and as an actress. I'll just say that I think I'm a better blogger than an actress.
Have you had any problems with a blogger?
Never, because I do not relate to them either. When I go to an event I will work, not socialize. Moreover, I will confess you in petite committee, that in Barcelona many dinners are organized in which the knives can be seen flying.Sometimes I'm classical, and suddenly I'm punk! I think the clothes show our mood, and mark different times of our life. I follow the trends, but I always adapt them to me. Not everything goes!
What do you think about bloggers who write books?
I think it's perfect, I'm a person who is happy about the successes of others.
Would you like to write one?
Depending on whether you saw me or not qualified for it. If it were a book about styling tips or how to manage a blog, yes, why not?
What are your brands? Favorite? Without a doubt, I'm a Zara girl. And if I could afford it: I love Dolce & Gabanna in clothes, Louboutin in footwear and Céline in bags.
I recommend you go through sublog! Did you know her? Kisses