How to be an egoblogger

Hello girls!
As you know or will imagine today, the bloggers that live best are the Egobloggers . We understand to live well that they are the ones who earn the most, in addition to always being on the trip and not remembering the last time they paid at a restaurant.
But what are the keys? of lasegoblogger?
After following for a long time avarias egoblogger of the most famous I think I have reached a conclusion.
1. The first obvious thing is to open a blog.
2. Make yourself known through social networks.
3. You have to call attention if or yes, an egoblogger is not an ordinary person nooo you have to call attention.
4. You must have all the social networks of the world, fanpage defacebook, twitter, pinterest and of course instagram to tell every moment. That you are going to eat a photo to the food, that you get a photo package, that you miss a snot ... no better that not.
5. The egobloggers are always perfect and they live in the world of Alice in Wonderland. Let's say that if you want a good egoblogger you can not be complaining about your problems nonos always happy happy!
6. The taking of photos on the train tracks or at a zebra crossing is already very old fashioned, now you have to get photos in strange places.
7. If you want to be a egoblogger , try to be a model and the typical photo ... you have to innovate with impossible positions.
8. That makes a cold that you die and you have to teach a dress and without stockings nothing happens you keep the cold for when you are at home, but in the pictures you have to make a face that you do not have cold nigotita.
9. If you always do the same pictures, you know, one day you ride on a donkey the next day on an elephant and if you did not have anything to do, the most used is to dress your pet to lamoda and photos with him.
10. But the most important element to carry out all the tasks of a egoblogger is to have a boyfriend who teaches. Make me a picture like that, now like that, I do not like another ... now we make pictures of food, now you take my bags ... in order to have a lot of much but a lot of patience.
12. Something they have in common is that almost all are thin, but beware if you are not, you can be the first exception, many of us look for normal people.
Who wants to be an egoblogger ?
Postscript: if someday you get egoblogger thanks to these tips you know that I expect a ferrari in return 🙂