Controversy Paula Echevarria, there are two copypaula!

I've been wanting to talk about the controversy of Paula Echevarria for some time, but I've stayed on the sidelines because every time I go into controversy it splashes on me ... but if I do not talk about CopiaPaula I can explode !!
Some time ago Paula fell to me but after following her for a few months I began to realize that everything was not shiny . Always be happy happy, always live in a world of roses and that everything that surrounds you always this wonder does not fall in love Paula descends from the clouds that you live in the land in case you do not remember it in Spain concretely where things are not especially good .
But of course the worst thing was when they asked her about the controversy that if she copied and she answered with "la tipa esta," that woman is blogging NO COPY. That to which your tipa flames has taken you the colors dear Paula .... that happens to those who believe themselves superior to the rest of mortals. Ohhh Paula powerful but what a way to talk are those!
But in reality what I wanted to tell you today is something else when they threw the butterflies hunting program, there was yotomando notes in the front row. Some bloggers knew them so nolas note but with others take note and there was the sheet until yesterday to take a look at it.
Chiara just point that but as his super known bloges I did not remember of the exact name of your blog but I knew that it was something of a salad It's a well-known girl who copied her not mesorprende, her blog is called theblondesalad
Camilleovertherainbow b> I did not know he has a very busy blog, with enough followers another it girl of the good that lecopie is "normal"
Paulaboadosvarez jumm dear Paula copiasa someone who has 490 followers and My no? SOS we have a problem !!! ono ... Why that jacket sounded to me so much.Muakk !!